Sunday, March 31, 2013

Granny Miller

You all may not know this but the best blogger EVER is back! A couple years ago her server or website or something crashed and she lost everything. She had already decided to stop blogging so just let it go.

I emailed her yesterday and she sent me the link to her new Granny Miller site!

I'm thrilled. I'll be catching up on all her posts (it looks like since November 2012) for the rest of the day! Then at some point I'll add her back onto the side bar thingy where I can list other blogs.

Update as of 6/2016. 
I "lost" Granny again a couple of years ago. We (Granny and me) had briefly discussed via email her struggle of juggling her farming lifestyle with the rigors of keeping up a full time blog. I think her need to simplify got the better of her again. I just now found this post posted by her husband at The Midland Agrarian. (I didn't know he had a blog!) He wrote on September 29, 2014 that we must say goodbye to Granny once again, he is quite pleased as he will get more pies out of this deal...;)

I did find her just recently on Instagram, though. The crazy thing is that she liked one of my photos one was probably the most epic day ever. I have a screen shot. Though I have emailed her here and there over the years, it's not like we are bffs. I started following her on there, duh. It's under her actual name and I won't give that out here as it's not my place. 
Aaaand, I found her again! 3/2017.
Ok, just did a quick search and there she is again!! is up and running once more. It looks like they are calling farming quits and documenting their new homestead building for their "old peoples' homestead". ' Looking forward to reading that a bit.

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