Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I have a cold

Fascinating I know. I normally don't mind colds but this one started a week ago and is kicking my butt.

I started humming this song earlier and could remember some of the words, so I typed them into Google and the lyrics for Bonnie Raitt's song poped up, then I found it on YouTube so I could listen. I love the Internet.

I Can't Make You Love Me

What a fabulous song when feeling melancholy. Is that an oxymoron?

Tonight was my daughter's feast day so hubby told her we'd go eat out tonight. Venturing out to a restaurant with 6 young people is always such fun and full of adventure and wonderment. Like wondering what embarrassing things the 5-year-old will shout, because she either won't speak or she shouts, she doesn't just talk. She mentioned going pee loudly a few times but that really was the most of it, not so bad. Trying to figure out what everyone wants (at IHOP) is interesting because they had the brilliant idea to list an ice cream sundae on the page with the meals. So the 3 and 5-year-old of course had that for their first choice and were convinced we would get it for them.  So when it was time to choose it was something like this but piled on top of each other.

"I want a cheeseburger. I want that. I have to pee. I want that (sundae). I don't know. I want mac n cheese, wait no I want grilled cheese! I want fruit! Do you want to split this with me? No. I will split it with you. I still don't know what I want. I want french toast and waffles, but there are no pancakes with those. You can pick one meal not two meals. No, dear, I still don't know what I want, what are you having?"

I'm trying a hot toddy before bed as I'm not a tea lover but tonight I wish I were.

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