Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I Love Alaska

Every time I travel outside (of Alaska). I come up with more and more things I like about it here and why I don't want to move. I suppose I should add the caveat that this does not include Anchorage. Around here it mostly called "Los Anchorage" or "Ancaragua". But there are plenty of good folks in the "big city" and most of them I would choose over folks in the lower 48 cities.

1. In Alaska it's always light and you can see where you are walking, either because of the snow in the winter or the light in the summer.
This picture was taken at around 11:45pm when hubby and son were putting the neighbors cow in.

2. In Alaska every trip to town gives you new scenery, the mountains, the change of season, the moose lurking by the road...and that's just a trip to the grocery store.
My view in the winter.
My view in the fall. Love them both.
3. In Alaska everything is not overcrowded. You have to be willing to put up with the winter to live here, therefore, there is lots of room to move around.

4. In Alaska we have the right to conceal carry with out a permit.
Yes, that's me with a .45 picking blueberries in bear country. (open carry)

5. In Alaska we have the best homeschooling rights in the country.

Homeschool project: sleep in the garage with the goat getting ready to kid.

6. In Alaska there is plentiful natural resources and wildlife: buried in the ground, in the oceans, rivers and on land. You just have to know how to find it and harvest it.

Playing or fishing or both.

7. In Alaska the children are tougher than most L48ers. Many have taken game and most have fished. And find a kid that doesn't own one or more of the following: ATV, pistol, rifle, bow and arrow, skiis or snowshoes.
Our daughter competing in the kids shotgun competition. She loves to shoot Ptarmigan and Grouse.

8. In Alaska the men are men. They are self assured and confident, those are attractive qualities in a man.
Manly men being manly, relaxing after a manly hardworking day.

9. In Alaska the women are manly but don't try to be men. They put on their make up and earrings for date night and they throw on their Carhartts and Xtra Tuffs for the hunting and fishing. Give her a chainsaw and watch her go, give her a rifle and let her kill.
Beautiful Alaskan women enjoying the fire after cooking the men a hearty supper. One of these woman is a fisherman by trade. She has also shot and hauled caribou through the tundra (family trip). The other was using the chainsaw to rid the tree from her driveway when she was 8 mo pregnant. And one Sunday morning, while in her church clothes, she killed a mama chicken who was eating her baby chick.

10. In Alaska life is not easy. You have to earn your keep, shape up or ship out, make it or break it, and all those other puns. It's a serious place for serious people that know how to work and play hard. My favorite part about Alaska is by far the people who proudly call this their home.

Theophany/Epiphany, blessing the Little Susitna River (January).

Wasilla version of a convertable.

Um, it's cold out there...


Neighbor with his bad-ass truck moving my shed.

Homeschooled kid drove his snowmachine to science class one day in the middle of town.


by the creekside said...

The air is crisp and clean.
You hit the nail on the head with the rest!

Kelly said...

My husband and I just watched a bunch of the "Alaska, the Last Frontier" show. Have you seen it? It's so gorgeous up there, but I'm afraid I'd never make it through eight months of winter. But darn Alaska sounds cool.

AKmamaOf6 said...

Kelly. No, I haven't seen that show, have watched a couple of Alaska shows. We quit tv but then we got Netflix and Hulu so we watch stuff on there now.

Jillee Hemsworth said...

I realize this is an old post, but I enjoyed learning about all that you love about Alaska. The pictures are beautiful! The reason I'm reading Alaska blogs is that my 21 year old daughter dreams of moving to Alaska one day. The "manly men" part made me smile having 2 twenty-ish year old daughters. Anyway, thanks. Look forward to reading more.

AKmamaOf6 said...


Thanks! I didn't see your post before. We were in the middle of moving to WA state in April! I'm still getting-a-grip, so-to-speak, after moving here. The people in this little town are wonderful and the deer here are plentiful! But it's not Alaska and I'm really struggling with leaving home. Time will tell and God knows what we need. There are plenty of manly men in Alaska, just don't wait 'till they get too old or they get kinda koo-koo on you. The people are extremely independent and sort of "don't give a dam" minded. It's pretty different than WA.