Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master bedroom spring clean up

I'm a huge master bedroom offender. I make pile after pile in my bedroom until I can't stand it. Then I pile up more stuff until my husband goes on a bear hunt and I have to take care of it before he comes home.

I started out very slowly today around 3pm feeling very un-motivated, I watched the first episode of "Wartime Farm" (so good! I am in love with the whole Victorian Farm, Edwardian Farm, Tales from the Green Valley, if you haven't watched them, look them up on youtube, especially if you have any love for farming or history). I didn't get too much done that first 2 hours, mostly put away all my clothes that I have been piling.

Today I put away:
10 sizes (multiples per size) of girl shoes, we tied them with ribbon and will sell them at the upcoming Country Fair.
2 of my suitcases from my trip in March.
Some of hubby's guns.
His gun cleaning kit.
Multiple laptop power cables.
Moved 3 old laptops.
A box full of sci-fi novels.
A king size quit for the Country Fair silent auction.
Church music and church books.
A tote full of camping gear.
I gave the girls 4 old bags or backpacks.
Multiple purses.
4 sewing/crocheting/cross stitch projects.
Giving away a pile of shirts I haven't worn in over a year and 3 old pairs of shoes.

My project overflowed into the hallway where I'm also trying to organize the bookshelf out there and started washing and putting away the winter gear. The project was fueled by my children's hunger for candy where they would do two "errands" then they could choose a candy they desired. I had lots of Easter candy.

I had my phone back (finally) and was able to take pictures, however I was only able to get a couple of the pictures on my computer that I wanted.

After 2 or 3 hours of working I thought to take a picture. 2 large piles are gone.

After 7 hours and not even putting fresh bedding on, I was finished.

My favorite view. I got this (new to me) milk glass light on Etsy when I was ordering lights for my girls.

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