Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The real reason everyone loves Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper...have you noticed? The next Martha Steward has arrived. Everyone is talking about this show... their stuff is all over pinterest, even phone conversations. Men even like it?! Why? What is it that makes this show so great?

I love the cased openings and french doors, I mean, let's get real. Joanna Gaines has great taste. But why am I only in the middle of the 2nd season and re-watching the first season on Netflix? (Thank goodness for Netflix, because like the Gaines, we don't have TV either!) It's because I'm waiting for my husband to come home from his trip to finish watching the 2nd season with me, he won't let me watch the new episodes without him. Why does my husband like it so much? This is the first-ever HGTV show he has ever actually wanted to watch...

I realized last night while I was watching the episode in the first season, episode 4, when they are making a home for the single mother. There was a lot of extra sweetness in this episode, more than usual. And something that Chip said struck me, I can't recall it exactly, but it was something like, "When I make Joanna happy I feel like I can take on the whole world." And then proceeded to do his fake superman ripping off his shirt thing. What husband usually has a wife who makes him feel that way? I think this is the first TV show since Leave it to Beaver (or something similar, since I am too young for that one) where the wife strives to be respectful of her husband. And if she messes
up (like we all do) she quickly digs herself out of her cute, tiny, ship lap hole and makes up for it correcting what she said or saying, "But you're so cute!" And that magically makes up for everything. You can see it on his face, the sparkle in his eye and his big crooked-toothed grin. It says, "It's ok, she loves me and appreciates me."

I realized that (despite Chips name) Chip and Joanna are lacking of chips on their shoulders. They are well rounded, confident and secure in their love for each other. How many couples do you know, right now, in the real world or on TV who actually love each other that way and respect each other like that? It is something that we don't see. He was obviously well loved as a child as was she. It really shows. They have something that we all crave, love.

Their Texas accents are nice, Chip's hair is great, Joanna's outfits are to die for. But anyone you stick on TV can get those things. You can't make up real love. Not even in a well rehearsed reality TV show....and theirs definitely isn't. I don't think the cue cards read, "Now Chip shows us his belly and makes Joanna snort." I just have this feeling it's not there.

Joanna clearly isn't a feminist, but she clearly isn't afraid to take charge. THANK YOU!!! Women can be perfectly strong and wonderful and amazing with out having to declare their women-strength at all times and go around telling everyone how strong she is because she's a "strong" woman. A real woman says to her kids, "Look how strong Daddy is!" when talking about her husband. A real woman asks her manly husband nicely, "Honey, can you please look under the house for me and see how bad that rot is?" "Thank you so much." Thank you, she says thank you to her husband. How many husbands yearn for a wife that asks nicely then says thank you. For good measure she tells him he is strong and cute and if he's really helpful she offers to make him a ham sandwich. Men aren't complicated, they only need a few things...appreciation, food, and snuggle-in-bed time. 

I really hope the people who make this show wake up and smell the coffee. I'm sick of seeing the men made fun of on TV shows. Sitcoms, dramas, you name it, the woman is the hero and the man is a zero. It's ridiculous. I would love for this man-hating society that we live in to pull their head out of their bottoms and wake up to who people want to watch. Back to the roots, real marriages like the Gaines.

To, Chip and Joanna (if you ever read this),

Thank you for being a good example to us. Thank you for helping us to learn how to be a better wife and a better husband. Thank you for reminding us in such a fun way that loving is giving of yourself to another person. For reminding us to be kind and thank our spouse and to lift them up in this difficult culture that we face. Thank you, Joanna for being firm but kind and an excellent example for how wives should treat their husbands. For not beating Chip over the head for his silliness and allowing him to be who he is. Thank you, Chip, for realizing your that your wife was so talented and pushing her to her potential and being that safe harbor that every woman yearns for. Clearly you are Christ loving people and teaching many by example.

Oh, and you make beautiful babies and houses too.

-Anna, mother of 7, wife of almost 20 years, striving to be a better wife and mother and striving to love Christ

Thanks, HGTV, for introducing us to such a good example of a marriage.

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Christina Seine said...

No pun intended Anna, but you totally nailed it. Sure, the before and after is to die for, but what's addicting is watching two married people treat each other like best friends.

I read an article somewhere that said Chip and Joanna are very, very Christian. They don't beat people over the head with it, but it's obviously there if you know what to look for. This is my favorite kind of Christianity - the kind that's shown. To me they represent how it should be: the strong foundation (faith and love) and the gorgeous decor (humility, a sense of humor, awesome boots).

I hope this show lasts for many more seasons, because I love it!