Friday, September 27, 2013

Pictures and fall

Last Tuesday my daughter discovered a kitten with our cat, surprised at a kitten she didn't think one kitten was enough, she found two other "dead" ones and revived them. (long funny story, perhaps I'll talk about that when I have time and energy)

Sunday we drove down to Girdwood (hippie ski town 45 min from Anchorage) for our Anniversary "weekend" with my sister and her husband, we did this 2 years ago with them and it was great. It was a beautiful rainy day, I adore that drive along that coast. The tide was going out and the mud flats looked especially stunning.

One of the mountains on the way there, you could see the separation so nicely of fall and winter. I love this time of year.
Monday we woke up to snow outside of our shared Chalet.

Monday was a hard day of watching HGTV, eating an amazing lunch where we had real drunkards present (entertaining especially on a Monday at 2pm) and napping, oh, then the hot tub and sauna rounded out the day.
Tuesday we ate breakfast at "The Bake Shop" at the foot of Mt. Alyeska, it was clear and gorgeous. Time to head home.
When I worked for a living, I hated the commute to Anchorage, but now, I adore this amazing drive home. Here's the Matanuska River.

I took this picture of the Butte for Hillary. The Butte has always made me think of my sweetest cousin and now that she's moved I have dedicated the Butte to her. (it's the tiny hill out in the field in front of the cloud line) We finally got to climb it this summer and it was so fun.
This is the Experimental Farm we pass when coming home, I love the Midwestern feel of the homes in Palmer and on this farm. Reminds me of being in the L48 but happy to be home in Alaska as you can clearly see from the mountains and Knik Glacier on the right tucked back there. (above the shed in the filed, that white patch is the glacier)
Yesterday I was running errands and had to take my sister's birthday gift to her. The 3 mile drive to her house is out of this world this week. The undergrowth in the woods are so full of vibrant color, I had to take some pictures.

Sample of the leaves back there.

Had to snap a pic of my yard. Looking quite clean shaven and well dressed. The new fence is so handsome and the yard is inviting. (garden is also all brought in and put away, the chickens are loving the remains!) What a nice fuzzy feeling I have when things get wrapped up each fall.

My sister and me on the beach where we were looking at whales on our way home from Girdwood. Not my favorite picture of me but it's a wonderful one of her. This was on her birthday. I love that woman so much I think my heart might burst.


Rebekah said...

Love you too Anna!!!

Hillary said...

Awww you dedicated a hill to Hilly! Thanks Anna. We miss it.