Saturday, November 9, 2013

Verbs of this moment

Currently: I am listening to : CCR Bad moon rising.
Having: a deep discussion about religion with a girlfriend on facebook.
Helping: my daughter write a comparison of Metropolotin PHILLIP's homily and the history they have been studying this semester at St. Raphael Ortho. Online School.
Planning: a new, fun idea for our church's Country Fair for this next summer.
Elapsed time since starting this blog post...appx 42 minutes. Am I good our what?!
Currently listening to: Phillip Phillips, So Easy.
Wishing: that I had some decent food to eat besides these retarded Resse's Peanut Butter cups.
Ignoring: the girls...they are having a pre-birthday slumber party for my almost 10-yr-old.
Thanking: my mother. She was kind enough to take my youngest for 2 nights, that helps.
Wanting: to write about something more meaningful, but my brain is fried.
Shutting down: Quickbooks and Excel. Bye work, see you tomorrow.

Check this out, my sister took two of our kittens home with her home tonight. This is the picture she posted and the caption...whoops. We feed them canned cat food. They are pigs!

You should have warned me they were such messy eater.
Currently listening to: U2, In the name of love
Update. Time elapsed since last update has been about 10 minutes. DD is still trying to write a paper and not bash the computer in. She keeps asking me things like, "will he notice if I don't send it in?" "why is school so not fun?" "this is so stupid!"...I just realized that she wasn't complaining...that's 'cause she was playing a game...grrr!!!
Relieved: that today is Friday. Tomorrow I plan to not think or go anywhere. Looking forward to that. Crap, I'm hosting a birthday party. Reason #32 not to have birthday parties.
Currently listening to: Front Porch, When the sun sets. My son wrote it. I LOVE this freaking song.
20 minutes. I gave my DD a firm pep talk and told her to underline ANYTHING relating to history in his homily.
Currently listening to: Phillip Phillips, Gone Gone Gone. 
Currently listening to: my boys in the room next door being spaz-oids at 10:45pm. I love them, but as they get older, they are much much louder and thump-ier and sound more like elephants when we are underneath of them in our bedroom.
Wondering: where DD snuck off to...oh right, I told her to get the bible.
Happy: that today is Friday. That sounds repetitive. I said that already, didn't I?
Figuring: I should send DD out to milk the goats, feed the cats and go to bed so I can go to bed too.
Currently listening to: 3 Doors Down, Kryptonite
Knowing: hubby is getting annoyed with how late I'm still up.
Just one more: Johnny Cash, Hurt (cover from Nine Inch Nails).

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