Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eye Candy

Every year for the past 4 years we have had a Country Fair at our parish as a fund raiser for all of our crazy building projects we have to work on... This year I asked my friend, who's a professional photographer, to take some pictures for us. It was a horribly wet day, the temp was around 42 degrees, and the wind kept kicking up....so it was COLD! But we still had a great turn out. She showed up with her sweet boy and took some great pics, I couldn't be happier. Some are definitely Pinterest worthy, especially the cake picture, so I wanted to post some on here.

Our sweet Nubians in the petting zoo.

My daughter ran the petting zoo, this is one of our doelings.

The star in Stephanie's Sweet Shoppe.

My adorable nephew.

My daughter's partner in the egg toss...daughter got the better end of this deal...hehe.

Potato sack race, hard core.

Three legged race.
Manly girls tugging.

What's a country fair with out a tug-of-war?
My awesome husband running the chicken fling game, one of the most popular games every year.
Here's Juliana's photography page on facebook, thank you again! Juliana Adele Photography

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Christina Seine said...

Awesome photos! The kids always love the Country Fair - you guys do such a great job.