Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spell Check

I wasn't really kidding about spell check. I'm so excited I just found it. I like to think that I'm somewhat intelligent, but if you are an intellectual reading my un-edited stuff, you'd think I was a complete backwoods hillbilly, which I am. But I don't really want to look like it in my spelling. Too bad they don't have run-on-sentence check. I'm sure my mother will find my blog soon enough and, well, bite her tongue (poor woman I've bitten off her head too many times for correcting my spelling and grammar). The other thing that I realized is that other bloggers tend to be mostly women (not always the nicest critics) and also mostly of the English Major sort, or something close by. That is a tough crowd to please, which is one big reason I've avoided it for so long. I was a Chemistry major for all of 1 year, in which time I avoided all English classes I could, except speech, and that was to teach myself more self confidence. I also LIKE math. I know, you can gasp and choke, but I think it's fun. I also don't really read, unless you consider facebook reading, or how-to books on "How to build animal housing" or "Living with goats" or Barnyard in your backyard" or "Martha Stewart Living" those are my kinda books.

Well, Ser (my only follower) you're right, this is quite fun. I was going to write a post about the kids going to bed titled "The whaling and gnashing of teeth" but then I found the spell check and they quieted down.

(Just FYI I just corrected 8 mis-spelled words in this post. And I'm not sure that I chose the right spelling for intelligent.)

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