Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like winter.

My husbands two brothers and their families flew in on Saturday. 

Yesterday we went to his sister's house and got to visit with them all and their parents, their younger brother who still lives at home and all the cousins got to play.  (There are 16 now)

I don't know how they do it, but they always just fall back into their jesting, fun ways.  Even us in-laws can sometimes come up with a joke or two.  Nothing like them, they just have no fear of being goofy and it makes them all the more fun to be around. 

We laughed and ate and laughed until midnight when I finally caved and said we had to go.  That didn't stop the party, however, they were just getting going with margaritas and a game of rummy.

I'm excited because on Thursday we'll go back for a delicious Thanksgiving, but we're mostly looking forward to just being with the whole family all day long.

Today we were supposed to go make cookies at grandma's house with all the girl cousins, but it RAINED and turned into ice when it hit the ground, then kept raining all day.  The ditches were full of cars and people were encouraged to stay home. 

I decided to make the mashed potatoes I would bring on Thursday.  We also baked the rest of the cookie dough, made rice, heated up our left over beans, and made a few extra potatoes for us today.  I realized that if we were having an "ice" day we should celebrate with the caramel corn my mom used to make, so I made a double batch.  We watched a movie with the kids and after that we moved the piano across the room to give up that space to the new hearth that our friend is installing tomorrow.  The new wood stove is paid for and is still at the store waiting for me.  It has a sign on it that says SOLD and my name under it.  It makes my heart flutter.  I have wanted a wood stove for YEARS and we're finally so close. 

I forget sometimes how much I enjoy the winter, especially this time of year.  Thanksgiving has sometimes been a struggle trying to pinpoint our "tradition" because it really has been so different from year to year.  But if his brothers keep coming up for it, we'll be there.

I'm thankful for family, his and mine.  And for my own family.  God has really blessed me.

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