Sunday, February 3, 2013

And did I show you my quilt?

After I painted the kitchen my living room looked sort of off. On my birthday I made myself the quilt rack you see in the first picture. I bought the parts and pieces a month before but finally got a chance to build it. The shelf is wide enough to hold folded throw blankets for cold nights or movie watching.
The quilt haning on the rack is one my mom gave me from a great aunt or grandmother. It's period 1950s fabrics. The backing and binding are even turquoise! The binding is ripping and I want to fix it, but finding the exact match to that color is very hard!

I went back to Etsy and found a bunch of 1950s feed sack fabrics, but I didn't want a ton left over and wanted a good variety for a quilt. One woman had cut a bunch up into 6" squares and was selling a pack of mixed colors. I have them interspersed here with other fun fabric I found at fabric shops locally and some that were in my stash.

Almost finished! Just have a little Algebra to go...

Finished quilt. Just a throw size and just enough pop of color to really brighten up our new/used COMFY leather couches that a dear friend practically gave us.

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