Monday, February 4, 2013

It's good to feel pretty.

I'm a hot mama.

Ok, sure, not to everybody's standards, but to mine? Yes.

Ok, am I kidding myself a little? Yes. But I’m trying to think more this way.

This is not an easy thing for someone like me to say. I'm 5'8", not huge but not thin. If I tell people my weight they are shocked, apparently I’m good at hiding it…thank you? I do have good hair and people say I have a pretty face and my husband certainly likes me, curves and all! What has taken me so long to realize such a simple thing? What is it that stops so many women from thinking this way? What is keeping us “down”.

I'm sure I could go on for days about who did this to us, the horrors of our society, how prudish I have always been, what sort of guilt is been tangled and mangled into our thoughts?...but I won't tonight, I'm too tired.

I think most women fall into the trap of thinking they are not hot. This can be quite dangerous for a young woman who has a tall, dark, handsome stranger trying to pick her up one night. Making her feel special for the first time. What girl in her right mind would want to turn that down? If he really makes her feel special, is he the only one who sees it? What happens if she lets him go? As a mother I want to remind my girls of their “power” so that they can use it for good or evil. But to know that they have it so that it can’t be used against them. It’s not a little thing.  

All I know is that every woman IS hot. But if you don't believe that, you are NOT going to be so. If you act like it and think like it, it really can be true. It's probably the only thing in a woman's life that you can imagine to come true and it can just by thinking that it can. The same can even be said for men. What is the most attractive quality in a man or a woman? Most people would say self confidence. Being self assured. Having "swagger". I wish I would have appreciated my beauty when I was younger and had more of it...but how would I have used my “power” would it have gotten me into trouble? Very likely.

I like my life. I like my husband. Perhaps my new found “hotness” is for the worst, perhaps I don’t know a bloody thing that I’m talking about. Either way, it is what it is…for now.

September 2012, 16th anniversary weekend. Sporting my very cute and very uncomfortable heels for the second time. Husbands apparently like heels. Who knew?

Edited 2/8/2013

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