Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bedside Table

Doesn't Instagram make pictures look so much better?

I wanted to write a blog post tonight but didn't know what about. Seems silly to me to not know what to write about but want to write...maybe not silly, but odd for me. I was browsing some blogs I follow and saw that on Nesting Place she wrote about the books on her nightstand.

Clearly, I'm stealing her idea.

Clearly my blog is not about cute and well kept houses. I like to think of my home as "lived in" don't most homeschooling moms? (That means "not clean" for you that don't know what I mean.)

My bedside table has belonged to me since before I was married over 17 years now. It would look very cute repainted in a shabby chic way, but the wax from the candle that spilled in our first year of marriage is still on the top... I did, however, clean off the clutter for this picture.

The funny thing about this picture is that I almost pride myself on being a non-reader, so it's strange to have so many books on here at the moment. I am a VERY slow reader. I tend to like "how to" books and I find novels hard to get into and usually not worth my time.

The books I have here:

Sarah (Orson Scott Card, borrowing from a friend, finding it harder to read than I'd like, I don't like how he makes her out as such a know-it-all)
Ender's Game (Card, second reading)
Flannery O'Connor (mom's book, haven't started it yet)
Les Miserables (watched the movie and was inspired to read it, haven't started it yet)
The Gift of an Ordinary Day (My mom gave this to my sis and I for Christmas)
Seven Principals for Making Marriage Work (good book, intense, good for my type of actual exercises and games for husband and wife to do, my priest recommended it)
The Five Love Languages (another good one, I have gotten a lot out of this)
Backwoods Home Magazine
Mary Jane's Farm

Now for the fun part, the things that I cleaned off (after 4-6 months of build up):

old bag of m&ms
carpenters pencil
sharpies & pens
airplane tickets
sake glasses from last night Chinese food "date night" in our bedroom
2 water glasses
Thrifty maps from Boston and Seattle
new Schoop skirt tag
bottles of: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Calcium/Magnesium tablets
drawing of our family from youngest daughter
Netflix envelope

And since I'm in a sharing mood I'm listening to my youtube playlist my top favorites are:
Mumford & Sons (all songs)
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Live - Lightning Crashes
Metallica - The Unforgiven
Home - Phillip Phillips
U2 - Pride, Beautiful Day, really any U2 song will do...

Time to go put away the leftover waffles from tonight's dinner and get these kids in bed...after this song is over.

What's on your nightstand?

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