Monday, October 27, 2014


Overwhelmed by the beauty of this place.
Overwhelmed by the work to be finished.
Overwhelmed by the kindness of children.
Overwhelmed by the selfishness of others.

So much pain. The priest who left us, took his wife and beautiful children...left.
So many temptations.The boy whom I met, who was sweet...killed himself...left.
So much sickness. The woman, whom I love, who left her family, left her four small children, her sick husband....left.
So many snares. The other woman, whom I love, who left her husband of 35 years....left.
So much sickness, so much pain. So much.


Hillary said...

I'm hoping all these haven not happened to you recently.

AKmamaOf6 said...

Thanks, Hill. The last 3 are very recent, the priest, well, last year. Good thing because, frankly, that was extremely painful and my heart still aches from it.