Friday, June 24, 2011

Beergarita season

Beergaritas are a new-ish invention as far as I know. It sounds very redneck but we don't mind. In fact we like them so much we think you other rednecks and non-rednecks alike will like it too.

Beergarita ® Ingredients

■3-4 12 oz. beers (a light Mexican beer is best, like Corona)

■12 oz. can frozen limeade concentrate (do not add water like the can says to, that's what booze is for, also can use lemonade concentrate in a pinch)

■12 oz. Tequila, white (Use limeade container as a fancy measuring device)

■1 Lime cut 8 ways (or not)

■1/2 Cup Salt (optional but yumolicious)

■5 Cups of Ice (um, ok, who measures ice?)

Beergarita ® Mixing Instructions

■Mix frozen limeade concentrate, beer, and tequila in a pitcher

■Add salt to glass rim of your glass (if you want, we don't normally)

■Fill glass with ice, poor drink

■Garnish with 2 lime wedges (optional)

This recipe is good for 4-6 people.

Did I mention that it's super delish and I love it?!

My new favorite way to drink a beergarita. In a jug, er jar.

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matildajoseph said...

I will make these margaritas, um excuse me, beergaritas, as I'm a rita lover!