Saturday, June 11, 2011

Broody Hen

Have you ever seen a broody hen who hatches out her own chicks and then cares for them? Well this is my first year to see such a thing (another farm had some) and so I had to have one. I found a hen available and I found some of the Easter Egger chicks that I wanted to get some pretty colored eggs from and went farm hopping.

First I picked up the hen who is a Cochin x Silkie, the lady I got her from calls her a "Frobbit". She's white and very silky smooth. She didn't like being pulled off of her clutch, but into the box she went and on we drove to the other farm.

The woman at the other farm had all sorts of animals: sheep, bunnies, geese, ducks, chickens and quail. Lots of chicks, and 3 incubators full of eggs. She picked out 5 hopefully girl chicks (she even showed me how to tell by their tail feathers if they're girls or boys). She suggested putting them into the same box with the Frobbit, as she has at least 4 Frobbits that I saw all with their own following of chicks. Sure enough she settled right down and was a gracious mama to the new chicks.

When we got home we put them into our large dog kennel so the cat couldn't get at the chicks and the mama and babies could bond. They are so quiet compared to the chicks in the brooder box under the heat lamp. I forget they are there then I freak out and go check on them and they're all just quietly sitting there looking around. SO CUTE!!!

kids named her Dutchess and her 5 chicks


Denise said...

She's such a pretty little hen! So how can you tell girls from boys by tail feathers??

BaronessBlack said...

Good choice! Silkies are usually good layers and good mothers - She looks like a keeper!
What colour eggs do you plan get from your new chicks?

AKmamaOf6 said...

Denise, when they start to feather out right away (supposedly)the girls get tail feathers first, so they have a V shaped butt. And the boys get them later and they stick up and so they have a U shaped butt. These chicks should be different colors of eggs; she called them Easter hopefully green or blue. Something like that.