Friday, June 17, 2011

Full moon and buddies

Today was different.

I got up today after sleeping half the night on the couch 'cause I fell asleep during TRON last night while we watched it with the kids. I got more sleep than usual, though, yay me.

I made the coffee and hoped onto facebook and got a cold call from a new mailbox manufacturer. I was going to hang up on him until he said they were making the style of mailboxes that only one other company is making right now. Then we proceeded to discuss mailboxes and Alaska and kids and animals for an hour. Sheesh.

While we were talking an earthquake hit Japan and then Alaska, a 5.1. I didn't feel it but many friends did.

Got my kids started with a few chores (finally) and then my oldest son came back in bawling because their chicken died. He was the lame chicken they were trying to nurse back to health, but just wasn't happening.

They had a burial for him.

Then a harsh letter was posted on facebook in the goat section which ripped a few people a new one...ok then.

I called a goat friend to pick her brain and while I was on the phone I walked out of my office and Steph @ Up North Over Yonder and Out of my Mind was sitting at my table and a strange man person was standing there talking to, ok, I gotta go. She needed an air compressor of course, and I didn't have a functioning compact one.

I got a very sweet note from Jen @ Peas n Carrots I'm really enjoying our budding friendship as we are encountering similar struggles and joys.

I catch up with a mailbox colleague over email to see what he thinks about this other mailbox company.

I called a new friend from The Last Frontier and we talked for a short 3 HOURS about everything under the sun. I'll get to meet her at the Appleseed Rifle shoot that's in Birchwood in July.

My friend @ Goldberry Cottage wrote a note about some hairy guy in their back yard in a camper lurking aournd and she wanted my hubby to go with her hubby to check it out...but of course I forgot to tell him (sorry, MB!) and I don't think he saw his message yet...

Meanwhile my kids were running-a-muck not doing chores and hubby wanted to take the kids to the soccer game early, so I threw them some food as they waled out the door. One kid got an egg, one some leftover salmon and a third got some that I think of it the soccer player got nothing. Nice job, me. I fed them borscht and Cheetos when they got home.

After they left I was walking by the stairs and the neighbor boy opened the front door to put in the cat. I asked him when he came to our house. He said he'd been there a little while. I asked him to please let me know when he came and left from my house so that I know what's going on. He wanted to play, but the kids were gone, so he opted to play outside alone.
Talked to a few customers.

I got a note from Laura at Hey, what's for dinner mom? and gave her a call and we chatted for a bit about the goat milk and farming.

Josh @ Alaskan Rambler wanted to check in and see if I talked to our mutual friend @ The Last Frontier yet as he is organizing the Rifleman shoot and is excited to meet our new friend also.

Meanwhile the crazy goat ladies are mis-behaving again but my goats are perfect.

If it's not a full moon tonight it should be. What a strange day.

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