Saturday, April 27, 2013

Almost there

Today is Lazarus Saturday and today we sing the most beautiful hymn: Rejoice O Bethany. This song talks about Christ when He came to Bethany to visit His dead friend Lazarus, how He wept for His friend, how He lamented his death and then how He rose His friend from the dead. It reminds us that Christ was human, He felt pain, not only physical but emotional pain. It's a lovely tune.

And if you'd like to sing along go here for the sheet music.

The following picture was neat. Another reason why I love my Orthodox faith. The feast of Pascha that lays ahead in less than 8 days time. The beauty. The awe. The wonderment. Pascha is amazing, but Pascha after attending most or all of the services during Holy Week is really mind blowing. It's an experience you just don't get in this life very often. If you are Orthodox and have Holy Week services every day at your parish, it is worth it (at least one year) to take the week off and go to them. Work during the daytime if you have to work, but try it. It will blow your mind.

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