Tuesday, April 30, 2013

No pictures, words will have to do...

Today I woke up earlier than normal.
The sun woke me up shining in my face.
Papa and son walked to Liturgy.
It was a crispy morning, the clouds hung low and snow was trying to fall.
The remaining six of us drove to church and attended Presanctified Liturgy.
Communion was served, the Holy Gospel was read, prostrations were made and we returned home.
I started a fire in the stove to give warmth to our toes and hearts.
Math had to be done, lessons had to be re-learned, tears were shed. School is not over, quite yet. Next week will be our Spring Break (during bright week) I love being able to set our home schedule around the Church's calendar.
Older son's hair needed cutting, he wanted to cut it himself, he did a great job.
Animals were fed, watered and milked. Eggs were collected, manure was shoveled.
Dishwasher loaded and emptied, rooms cleaned, island tidied, table cleared, messes made, messes picked up, always trying to stay ahead of those messes.
I'm making a skirt for Fran, I made sure it would fit and started hemming it, then the phone rang.
I started working, customers are waiting, facebook and pintrest grabbed my attention. Customers are still waiting.
Papa went to town, he has the week off for Holy Week, it is so nice.
Yesterday and today he: jumped the car and got it working, jumped the truck and got it going, checked the bees, finally went to the chiropractor, trimmed up the long hairs on son, ran an errand for me, read his book, bought a new battery for the car, worked on choosing a new electric smoker for his fish and meat projects, took a call from work, read books to the girls. I imagine he'll fix the 4wheeler next. I like it when he takes a week off of work.
We got another lamp for the girls room from the mail carrier today, we have the best mail lady in the world.
Sus went outside, she's tormenting chickens and cats. I love that we have cats and chickens for her to torment.
My neighbor and her six kids are out cutting their firewood logs with the chainsaw, splitting them with their mauls and hauling them inside. I am convinced God put her next to me to constantly humble me.
It's April 30th and it's snowing and I don't mind. I love Alaska and her surprises. I love the calmness that the weather on days like today bring with it.


Kelly said...

*gasp* Anna - I think we ARE soul sisters!!! We're Byzantine (but I secretly want to be Orthodox). We live in Minnesota, but right now I'm wishing we were neighbors. (You are close enough to church you can walk??? That is awesome.)
We are expecting snow tonight (6 to 9 inches) and I wish I had your attitude about it.
And you had presanctified on a Tuesday? We've only ever had them on Wed and Fri, is that because it's Holy Week?
I'm so glad to have met you!

AKmamaOf6 said...

Thanks for writing back! It's snowing again today (May 2nd) so I suppose the nice weather for the whole north is a bit belated.

We have 3 Presanctified liturgies during Holy week, Mon, Tues, Wed mornings and Bridgroom matins each night. Wed evening is the typical night during the rest of lent and sometimes Fridays depending on the priest. This morning we celebrated Holy Thursday the last supper liturgy. Yes, we have a good view of our log cabin style church from our house, there's a field to walk through, the church and us both live on an old farm as do other Orthodox neighbors around me.