Thursday, April 11, 2013

Just a giant rabbit trail.

I got up today and our floor upstairs was warm, very warm. Must be cold outside! Sure enough, the clouds had cleared out and the temp dropped. It was 15F when I looked at the temp after the sun had been up for 3 hours or so.

My school mate/awesome builder called on Monday, he had time this week to do built in beds in the girls room, I had just enough money for what he bid me and the room needed to be gutted, he'd be back on Wednesday. No biggie. Hahahahahahaha. I crack me up. Today he finished and I have to get in there now and paint it all and repaint the room. We're going for all white so I can avoid taping off moldings, it'll go faster.

Hubby is getting his 6 or 8 colonies of bees this Saturday, he had to put the hives in the garage to thaw out.

Added another coat of spray paint to my old kitchen chandelier, it's now red!

9-yr-old wanted to help me make bunting today, I'd started cutting out pretty triangles last week or the week before. It's been taking up half the dining room table. I set up my little child labor sweat shop and she happily started sewing triangles. She'd get one sewn before I could cut them out. I had 2 other kids match them up for me from before I figured out how to cut them properly.

I'd seen a pintrest pic of button garland hanging off a bright chandelier so I had 7-yr-old start stringing them together. Easier said than done. 9-yr-old just showed me how she'd taken over and has one string almost full of buttons, so cute!

14-yr-old was sick yesterday and today, she went out to feed the goats today and she said her goat is "goopy" thinking she'll kid/freshen soon. Yikes, not this week! It's too cold. We have a stall now in the shed we can set her up in, but daughter is too sick to do that today. Goatie isn't due 'till April 20th so I think we're good for a few more days before she needs a kidding stall.

We're getting our chicks on Monday, have to have room in already full garage for them. The old bunk beds from the girl's room are in the garage too. ;)

The owner at the local kitchen supply store "All I Saw Cookware" and I have gotten to know each other since my business was in the mall at one point. I called him yesterday with about 5 ideas of items for him to sell. He's having a hard time getting people to come in there. I told him about Weck canning jars, Pamona Pectin, Harsch Crocks, and Tattler caning lids. I told him that I could let my large Alaska Farm & Food (facebook) group know about the availability and he said he'd look into it. He called today with some more questions and he'll start carrying many of those items soon.

My sister picked up my 11-yr-old son today to go play.

I haven't checked my work messages in 2 days now. I really should go and paint...

I think I may be getting what ever this crud is that the girls had this week, yuck.

So much going on, and time doesn't stop. Goodness.

inspirational photo - not mine

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