Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This week...

If you are Orthodox then you know already that during lent, all sorts of "bad" things happen. Most people understand that it is because the Evil One is testing us and trying to make us go crazy, quit fasting, quit praying and just give up on it all. It helps to remember that especially during lent, especially when you are trying to fast, pray and go to church more than normal, the bad guy doesn't like this and will attempt to discourage us.

Each year at our house things break, typically appliances or car engines seize up or we get very very sick. Something new and fun to look forward to every year.

This week has been a trying week, starting on Monday when I really couldn't find my phone and finally went to see if it was in my sister's driveway...maybe it had fallen out of the car the night before. It wasn't there.

On the way home there was a strange man on our road who stopped me and asked, "Is this your dog?" holding up a small white terrier looking mongrel. I replied that it wasn't and he explained how he had found it by the mailboxes wondering around aimlessly and so he had gone to a few houses looking for the owner. He explained that he didn't live in our neighborhood and it would be best if I took the dog since I actually live here and know more people around here. Sheesh, I want another pet like a hole in the head, but what was I to do but take it home.

Later in the day I got a phone call that my brother-in-law found some phone remains in his yard, my phone case was trashed (chewed by their dogs) and my sister was looking for my phone. It's a good thing I was in such a "good place" on Monday, because it was turning into a doozy. A few minutes later he called again, they found the phone in a puddle of mud and were trying to dry it out in some rice and see if it would work. It had no bite marks, so maybe it would work?

Fast forward 2 days later...

The phone worked last night, made 2 calls and now the screen is totaly black, I'll have to buy a new one.

The dog has become dear to us, in only 2 days, he's the sweetest thing. The owner called from the pound today frantic. It was his dog, his description nailed it. "Sir, what does your dog look like?" Man: Well it's a Shih Tzu but I gave him a really terrible hair cut."

This poor man was out of his mind with angst. His 8-yr-old daughter was apparently staying the night at a friend's house in the neighborhood and when the dog ran away the daughter didn't really think she needed to go after him. He came to our neighborhood yesterday to look for him and drove past 4 of my "found dog" signs, they even had pictures...

I had to inturrupt him, "Sir, we have your dog. It's yours." I gave him directions and he came to get the pup after an hour.

The dog was taking a nap on my lap when he got here, what a sweet dog. I guess if I even need a companion dog I'll know that a Shih Tzu would be a good choice. He was great with the kids, very attentive, very quiet, playful but gentle. It was nice to give him to the little girl, he seemed so happy to see her.

Ah, this week. I'll be happy when Pascha arrives...

mangy Shih Tzu

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