Sunday, October 31, 2010

Is there a school in the room?

Our school room is very hard to keep clean...4 kids learning every day, art projects, music, coloring books, name it, it's in here making a mess.  Not to mention my work office takes up 1/2 the room. 

It is, however, one of my favorite rooms.  I painted it 4 years ago right after Fran was born, the last room in our house to be finished (well besides the white paint and the boy's doodlings on the walls).  I new just what I wanted, my husband thought the color I was putting on the wall was crazy, but he liked it in the end too.

I got a new bookshelf and table for the room the other day and finally gave Em an actual "desk", we may set up a computer for the kids there too (no Internet!) we'll see.

Took some pictures since I had it mostly clean, it's very crowded as you can tell, but I've given into the fact that I will try to keep the house generally tidy, but there's no way around cramming it with stuff when both hubby and I work at home, school the kids at home and simply have 8 people in our family.

And yes, like most homeschool families out there, we do 1/2 of the work out in the kitchen where I actually am much of the time. However Stud Papa teaches them history in here most days of the week while I keep the little ones quiet. The bigger kids like to do their math in here. It's just nice mostly for them to have a place to put their stuff away.

I almost forgot my favorite part, it's when you look up and away from all the clutter...the letters my mom gave me when we moved in here and decided to homeschool.  She'd gotten them in Vermont where she's from and used them every year in her own classroom when she taught at the school when I was younger.  They meant so much to me and I wanted a good way to show them off, so I saved them for this of the main reasons I wanted a school room...silly, I know.  I love the red trim around the room and they fit perfectly above that.  They remind me of the simple life that I'd like to lead. 

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