Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Natives are Restless

The natives are restless this evening...

I made a good meal, they ate and some enjoyed...and what is my thanks?  They are insane!  Jumping around, screaming, laughing uproariously at their jokes and play.  You really would think that I just fed them each five candy bars each.  Have you ever noticed this with your own kids?  When you FEED your children they get incredibly spastic?  I really don't think it's just sugar that gets your kids hyper.  When they actually start fighting I'll probably step in, but for now I just had to escape into my office and post about them.

I made my Greek chicken pot pie for dinner and I disappointed myself.  It's ok, but not great like last week.  I used feta, oregano and filo to make it Greek, also my newly made chicken stock, fresh veggies, chickens and our goat's milk...  Oh well, I went wrong somewhere.  It's not bad, just not fantastic.  I think you have to be Greek to cook fantastic Greek food.
Yes, my Greek chicken pot pie.

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