Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Baby Leprechauns and their inventors.

Notes taken over the course of the day:

My 7-yr-old told me this morning that she really wanted to have a baby leprechaun. My oldest has convinced all the kids that if they believe in leprechauns (yes I've told them they're not real) that they can be they all want them and a pot of gold now.

Later said 7-yr-old finished her 2nd grade math book and graduated to 3rd grade...she forced me to go and get it out of the box in the garage so she could start right away.

At the moment she's supposed to be clearing off her desk but instead she's laying on the floor kicking the spinning chair around with her 5-yr-old sister riding in it.

I asked what the smell in the living room was...did someone fart? My 5-year-old says, "I know she (youngest) farted because I don't see any poop."

My 10-yr-old son is now apparently the boss of this house...and very grumpy if you tell him otherwise.

Did I ever tell you when my other son was 7 (or 8) he filled an Otter Pop tube with his pee and drank it (to be like Bear Grylls from Man vs Wild). It both grossed me out and impressed me at the same time.

Currently said boy is calling the older two made up nicknames that he learned in Navajo out of "The Dangerous Book for Boys". They are properly perturbed. I asked him what his names meant...they are "turkey, jerk, jackass and tooth".

this is sort of how I feel now


Ser said...

Oh Anna, I love this kind of post. It makes me feel better. Whenever we visit AK and see your kids in church I think that they seem rather angelic. Especially compared to my children.

AKmamaOf6 said...

Haha! Yes, they act well don't they? Well I didn't write about on Sunday when 2 of them were fist fighting in the basement at the parish hall...another mom had to tell me about it and one kid had another pinned to the concrete. Not so much.

Melissa said...

Lol! You crack me up, Anna!

Ser said...

I'm glad my kids aren't the only ones. Did I tell you that Henry had a black eye (from fighting with Luke) on the first day of kindergarten/picture day? He also had his checkup for school during this time. Fun stuff.