Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just what will chickens eat?

The kids were helping me unload some groceries tonight and I asked two of the older kids to bring in the 50lb bag of rice. It was taking them a while and then my husband hollered, "Anna! NOW!" So I ran up to see what the fuss was and they'd dropped it out in the drifted snow on the way in. It ripped clean up one whole side and half of the rice was on the ground. I gave him a big pot and he scooped up most of the good stuff off the top.

He asked me if the chickens eat uncooked rice, I figured sure, but I'd better check.

Thank God for the Internet.

Turns out that's what chickens in China eat, so if it's good enough for Chinese chickens it should be good enough for ours.

Here are 2 of our girls.


Diana R.Smith said...

You're not a full fledged homesteader yet...I would scoop up that rice from the snow, take it in and rinse it off, stick in a pot,cook and then put up in freezer bags for the future. Even my kids knew buggy rice was gonna get rinsed, bugs scooped off and eaten...actually found grown son doing this at his home and he said"shh,don't tell!" Dee who says at least you had chickens to eat it up. Still remember the stupid woman on Oprah who threw away a bag of carrotts 'cause she bought them last week so they were spoiled!

AKmamaOf6 said...

Nope, I'm definitely NOT a full fledged homesteader! After I found out that the chickens could eat it I had no problem giving them some of it. It's actually cheaper to buy rice than chicken food, but I don't really want to make it a habit. I saved most of it. We're getting better about not wasting food, but it's always nice to know the chickens are happy to have anything we offer, the dog is happy to have any meat/fat and the compost is happy to have the rest.