Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Our silly old lives recieves the Stylish Blogger Award

I was surprised and very flattered to see that Granny Miller from homesteadgardenandpantry.com nominated Silly old me for the STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD.

Thank you Granny. I'm shocked and so flattered.

The STYLISH BLOGGER AWARD is a fun way to spread link juice across the web and it’s an opportunity for Bloggers to share a few things about themselves that their readers might otherwise never be aware of.
In order for me to accept the award there are two “rules”:

1.) I must divulge seven things about myself
2.) I need to pay the Stylish Blogger Award forward to fifteen other blogs.

Some things about me:

1. I don't like animals much. Yes we have many and no I don't want to cuddle them all. I like to cuddle my kids, especially in bed in the morning when they keep me warm.

2. I never wanted to homeschool. It was a condition of going further with my husband in our then courting relationship. He was raised with it and I agreed that it did sound better for the kids. I have not regretted the decision, though it's been very hard sometimes.

3. I don't really like cooking. The hardest part is thinking of what to make, after that it's not so bad.

4. I'm usually late. I wake up late, I get places late and I go to bed VERY late. Maybe when I grow up some day that will change.

5. I think of brilliant ideas while I'm pregnant. Sometimes I can't sleep because I keep getting so many ideas for different things. I started my now business while pregnant with number 4. I like being pregnant too. I actually loose weight and have tons of energy. I call it my diet. I think it's from naturally eating right and eating the things my body needs/craves.
6. Currently my kids are yelling at each other about who should get ice cream first and for whom, etc.

7. My desk is really cluttered.

My list of award "winners" many have much more followers than I do, but I like them...I decided to be different and say who or why I posted them.

Curmudgeon With A Gun (my dear husband who's super smart and opinionated)

Just Another Mama Blog (my very oldest friend, since we were babies)

Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska (Greek Orthodox woman who wrote a cookbook lives in Greece and Anchorage)

The Woman and the Wheat, an experiment in giving (just a really cool site, she amazes me)

Up North, Over Yonder, and Out of My Mind (my friend who taught me what GMO meant)

Alaskan Rambler (Our friends who decided to travel to Mexico...these are their stories.)

The Last Frontier (this is a REAL Alaskan living in the bush, what a life!)

Up North Following a Dream (New follower and new to AK)

Finding Joy on the Journey (Friend from HS)

Sticks65 Bushcraft, Camping, Travels & the great outdoors (What's better than an English/Irish outdoors man?)

Hey What's For Dinner Mom? (Alaska mom with great recipes.)

 A Stuffed Hungry Soul (Friends from HS)

Dim World  (Warning, this blog is not for the faint of heat. This is a man I grew up from a very young age and is dear to me.)
Close to Home (Mom, Orthodox book writer, great picture taker, often has the words I need to hear.)

 The Essential Balance (friend from HS, she's a Pilates instructor and just started blogging)


Linda said...

You have some very cool sites on your list. I can't wait to check out the Greek cooking one!
About homeschooling, I tried it but my husband was not really into it so we sent the kids off to school (public, Catholic, magnet and now what we call "selective" around here, where kids are handpicked based on ability). It took a lot of juggling/researching and even heartache for me to find a nearly good fit.All that effort wasn't worth it as I ended up after schooling them anyhow. I completely admire anybody who sticks to home schooling. Its the very best option.

AKmamaOf6 said...

Thanks, Linda. I know I won't ever regret it, so that's what counts.

I forgot to mention that if I tried not re-listing people I have in my blog roll already, but since I don't get out there to read a ton of blogs I do have some repeats.

Ser said...

You are so sweet to include me, Anna. I'm not sure if I'll do it or not, since I'm lazy and it might take too much work, but I'm planning on writing a blog post about us as children soon. And regarding homeschooling, I'm thinking more and more of homeschooling Luke, but I can't figure out a way to convince Craig it is a good idea. (He is certain that one of us will wind up dead. We butt heads a lot.)