Friday, March 4, 2011

Children after my own heart

Observations of their mom:

K (12 girl) reminds me of me and all the times my mother said, "you're as slow as molasses in January" My daughter strives to be just as slow and get distracted just as easily as when I was young.

A (10 boy) loves to sleep in just as much as me, I wonder who would win a sleeping in contest if we had one, I really don't know. He also can pack away sweets just like his mama.

M (9 boy) I'm not sure he got any traits from me as I think he's a re-incarnation of my husband, but perhaps I can take some credit for how smat he is??? Hmm, probably not.

E (7 girl) is a little she learns new math skills she puts them to good use. Today she was "doodling" her math problems on a large piece of paper calculating how much milk we would get during Lent. She's also never wrong and has an excuse for everything...a little too much like me I think.

F (5 girl) can kick booty in chocolate eating contest. She went to a little girls tea party yesterday and she's the only one who finished her gigantic chocolate cupcake...then the birthday girl gave her hers and she brought that home to work on too.

S (2 girl) is simply an Imp. I don't even know what that word means, but it seems so fitting. People say she looks like me and I'll take that since she's incredibly adorable with her perfect blue eyes, curly light brown hair and perfect teethy smile (when she wants something). It cracks me up when people say she's so should hear her when she doesn't get her way. As for her personality, she definitely has one, it's more dominant than F, she reminds me a lot of E at that age...I'm afraid we're going to get a run for our money when she's a teenager.

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