Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 things

First: I love when I tell my kids that they could/should/will do something that I know they don't know how to do. And they say, "but Mama, I don't know how.....but you can TEACH me!" that makes me so happy, kids love learning. I love teaching them.

Second: I had two friends (one conservative and one liberal) post blog articles tonight and I got to "evil George Bush" in one of them and closed it. In the other one I got to "evil liberals" and closed that one too.  It's masking the real issues in regards to what is really wrong with our country...overspending, too much government control (on both sides) etc. I'm done with it.

child learning to eat cake and not fall asleep from the sugar crash, I had to teach this, my life is rough

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