Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Silly Fran

Five years ago today (early in the morning) I had another girl. 3 girls and 2 boys. We were happy to have her, this would give Em a playmate and we gave the girls the larger bedroom. She was sort of Native Alaskan looking, I had people ask me if my husband was Japanese. Nope, just a white baby with slanty eyes. Much different than my first with HUGE eyes, they are still huge, when I have to look in her eye I'm impressed by the enormity of her eyeballs. My mom told me that people thought I was a native baby too, so I guess she gets that from me. Being super chubby didn't help either, but I don't know how to have skinny babies as they have all been in the 8-10 pound range, the girls all 9 and up.

She is funny: When she was two and we had a single older guy over sitting at the table, and she farted while in the kitchen near me. Very audible. She says, "Mama!" That's only the tip of the iceberg. Her humor is dry and so funny it's hard to explain. She jokes when you don't expect it and she knows she's joking. One day in town I missed yet another turn and I said to myself, "where's my brain?!" What does she say but, "I have it mama." I about drove off the road laughing. It's so hard to explain her tone, but she said it seriously enough with that small smirk.

She is repentant: I have taken to just sending her to her room when she cries and doesn't like what I told her to do. She obeys and walks down the stairs crying/screaming. With some of the kids their attitudes have to be dealt with differently, but she's usually genuinely distraught. I say, "come back when you can play nicely" and about 5 minutes later I have a little girl beside me saying, "I'm sorry mama! I'm sorry that I cried at you." And all is good. Today I said something about learning not to change our minds so much when we grow up, and being her birthday she said later, "Mama, I'm not going to change my mind so much anymore."

She is sweet: When she goes to bed she has a required kissing method. I don't know how long it's been this way but a couple of years I think. She has to kiss us on both cheeks and then we have to kiss her on both of hers, then she goes to bed.

Her favorite food is (and I quote) "one: lasagna, two: spaghetti, three: mac & cheese". But I know for certain that bagels and cream cheese are also very high on her list as is mayonnaise and sour cream. She just likes white creamy dips. I bribed her to eat hard boiled eggs with a spoon of mayo, it works.

She is kind: She's unfortunately picked on by some of the older kids sometimes, or rather her kindness is taken advantage of. I don't like to see that, but I don't want to teach her to fight back either. Just to ask nicely and try that. I have had another very meek child (a son) and at one point I had to teach him to punch back because he had to stop crying to me when he got punched, but with her I'm not eager to do that and she's not a boy. Even her little sister picks on her sometimes. She's learned if she screams loud enough that we come to investigate and usually can sort things out.

Because of her kindness she's the kind of child that you love to please. She gets excited over the littlest cutest things. I'm so happy for her to have such simple happiness.

She is smart: She forces us to help her with math (first grade Saxon), and by forces she asks nicely over and over and over and over...she can't read quite yet (working on that) so one of us has to read the instructions to her. She's also started picking at the piano and she's playing some songs by ear and also making up her own melodies that are quite lovely. Half the time I have to look to see who's playing because I keep thinking it's her big brother who does the same thing.

She inspired this name for my blog, she named her dog (stuffed) Silly and her other dog Silly Junior.

I'm so happy to have this girl in my life. It would not be the same with out her.


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Ser said...

What a sweetie! And so funny. What a lucky mama you are. And what a lucky little girl she is to be so loved and so "known" even among many.

Rebekah said...

She is such a sweet girl. Today she came up to me while I was sitting on the floor with Amos and gave me a big kiss on the cheek :) She always lets me know that she loves me too. I may not have girls of my own, but I am so blessed with such sweet nieces!