Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Easy vegan night

As Orthodox, Wednesday and Friday are usually our "Vegan" nights.

They are typically the days where I freak out at the last minute because I didn't do any thought prep. This is why, when I do cook, I make extra and stick food in the freezer. I had some re-fried beans in the freezer and also some Brazilian black beans that we like, I got those out and put on some rice to cook. I took a call from a customer and burned the rice (as per normal). I think my kids don't know how to eat rice with out bewaring of the dangers on the bottom of the pan...skim the rice off the top only.

As we were almost out of flour tortillas I got our corn tortillas earlier out of the freezer and they were in a sorry state of breakage.

 So I decided to make chips with them instead.
 Why oh why have I not done this for so long?! They are so good!
 Our dinner. We really needed a salad, but we aren't "good" vegans, my kids are not fans and I'm lazy and don't push it and I'd also have to get more greens at the store and then not eat them. I could have gotten out the carrots at least. Oh well.
 Here are two of the kids plates. The one with the burrito said, "what a great way to fast, this is great!" that's a good sign.
 My dinner, I had seconds.

mama making dinner is boring

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