Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bows vs Guns

It has long been known in our home that there shall be no bows and arrows since guns are far superior. It was a bit of a disappointment at first because I had fond memories of trying to hit targets with our old bows in grade school. However, being taught how to use a firearm has been wonderfully empowering and given me a very nice sense of being able to defend my children, myself and my home...against bears, predators, or what have you. My husband knows, loves and keeps learning about guns. We don't really have a lot, but after you drag out that fear that you have been brainwashed with since a little child, you realize that guns are simply tools. After working with power tools this summer I learned you have to be CAREFUL with them, because just like guns they will kill you if you're not.

Today began a 4 part homeschooling class that they are letting me take with the kids. In class I hit a bulls-eye and it felt great. Granted, it was only 10 feet away, but it still felt great. Perhaps it's because it's quiet or perhaps because they had a comfy indoor range, but it was a blast to shoot. Perhaps it's that I have a chip on my shoulder now since a girlfriend of mine shot a moose...with her bow...out of her bedroom window. Seriously? She also throws her baby in the back pack and hikes over the frozen river and shoots rabbits. She's my hero.

With bows and arrows it extends your hunting season by quite a bit, you get more at the beginning and I believe more at the end. I've never wanted to hunt myself, I'm not the Sarah Palin type, not even a fan. I don't love a good hike. I don't love roughing it. But perhaps I might feel differently if it were a bow and arrow and I could shoot from the comfort of my home.  I'd love the attention meat!

she's so cute I can't stand it


Maye said...
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AKmamaOf6 said...

To be clear, my parents did not brainwash me about guns. They were just fine with guns...please read my post "on brainwashing" for more specifics.