Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day

I'm not a huge fan of Hallmark holidays and this is certainly one of them. However, that's not to say I don't want stuff on these days and a little attention. (Mothers day is the real kicker.)

My husband also thinks they are silly, so one year I told him not to get me anything that I didn't need anything and that I would be fine. Well 3/4 of the way through the day I lost it...the woman in me reared her ugly head and acted like a brat. My poor husband went out to the store and saved the day by buying some chocolate and flowers. I hate it when I do that, sometimes I feel that I have absolutely no control over my emotions and it's so frustrating.

Today is a bit different. He informed me last night (a day ahead, very smart) that he had arranged a sitter so that we could actually go on a date tonight. I was so excited. I even said, "Look, I'm beaming!" I decided not to nag the kids about chores and school today, and instead set them a time they had to finish everything to get extra candy rewards by...I'll let you know how that goes, because right now all they are doing is making a multitude of Valentines day cards for one another and us.

So far I have one from my 4-yr-old, very cute with her name written and a heart cut out of the center.

I have one from my oldest that says:
Now I know this may seem silly,
And I know I'm not you,
But what you do with a forty pound snake that says:
(drawn: a snake in cursive that says)
I love you

I have one from our 9-yr-old that says:
I love you like God loves His creations...
Happy Valentines Day

I'm a happy mama today. Happy Valentines Day.

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