Saturday, February 12, 2011

On brainwashing...

I recently posted something about guns where I said, "after you drag out that fear that you have been brainwashed with since a little child, you realize that guns are simply tools."

I am too harsh with my words generally speaking. This was too harsh. It especially took my parents aback when they read it and I'm sorry. The word brainwashed is used by me to describe propaganda or innuendos or subliminal messaging in movies, media and schools. It's not the true meaning of the word, and I have mis-used it. I see it plain as day everywhere now, but as a kid it just slowly sunk in.

They did not brainwash me. They raised me in a very wonderful place full of much love and sense of community. We were not afraid of buglers or bears or strangers because we were surrounded by people we knew. The news was on sometimes and I heard it. The newspaper was sitting out and I read it. Whether I paid attention or not, it was going into my head. They were not political people, we didn't have in-depth discussions about things of that nature. I went to private school until 6th grade and then went to public school because our church school didn't go past 6th. The schools feel that it's their duty to educate the children on things such as sex, guns, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, HIV, and these days they have added global warming, recycling, blind acceptance of homosexuality and probably other things of which I'm not aware.

I have even been known to joke and say that, "If anyone will brainwash my children it will be me and they will have clean brains." But again, after reading the definition today and trying to educate myself before sticking my foot in my mouth yet again, I realize this is just part of education. The schools teach what they want children to learn and homeschooling parents do the same. I strongly believe that in addition to religion, math, English and science they also need to learn gardening, farming, and hunting as part of their education.

My dad is not a hunter; both he and my mom grew up on farms and raised their own beef, chickens, etc. If they were good farmers they had a .22 or larger to protect their livestock from predators since caged chickens and other small animals tend to attract that sort. My dad had a gun but never used it, so I never saw it. It's not a bad thing; just something he didn't think was important to teach. I'm not upset about that nor do I hold it against him.

He gave me the gift if life, a warm beautiful home, stability and most of all he led our family to Orthodoxy and that is the most important thing my parents could have taught me. They, with others in their community searched for the true faith, they left their family's faiths and found it for themselves. They looked for the one thing needful and found it. I'm ever grateful for the things they gave and taught me.


Maye said...

OK Anna, we're both crying now. You are so sweet and cute, even with yout foot in your mouth. You learned how to put it there very well from me. We love you, Mama

AKmamaOf6 said...

I love you too.

Ser said...

Aww, you guys are all so sweet. I loved being in your home when I was a kid, Maye--your daughter has got that right, it was a warm, beautiful, loving home. A, as I observe a little slice of your life via your blog, I see that you got a lot of that from your mom, and I wish I could be there to witness it in person (even if I am a crazy liberal who disagrees with you on a lot of things, I feel sure I could withstand your brainwashing). :)

AKmamaOf6 said...

Lol, Ser. I have a lot in common with many liberals. It would be fun if you lived here. I missed you at Katie's wedding, I kept expecting to see you while we were dancing. :(