Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Serious Random

Sus attacks me when I sit down to the computer and wants to be held, tonight more than usual.

Aid made salmon for dinner to earn extra time on the computer. They get 10 minutes per day on the computer/wii or x-box when all their chores and school work is finished. If they want more they have to earn time somehow. I'd rather have none of it but being married to a geek = geeky children (and very bright I might add).

Max is still doing his math  at 6:50pm and it's driving me crazy.

Yesterday we were literally walking out the door to church for the feast of the Presentation of our Lord into the Temple and Sus puked all over papa and her boots and the floor. It was Max's birthday so we stayed home, did compline here, and papa went to town and rented Despicable Me which turned out to be really cute. We made a donut cake out of donuts and had ice cream. Sus puked again and seems better today.

I feel extremely lethargic, just took 10,000 IUs of Vitamin D to see if that helps.

We decided to skip today's funeral for Kh. Barb. It was a hard choice, but the "we are all probably sick" won and we stayed home. I'm glad as the kids are kind of a wreck and it's been like pulling teeth to get stuff done around here today...not sure if it's because I'm so tired or them.
Our family loves salmon. I'm so glad God gave us salmon and a new fisherman to buy it from, much cheaper than our own fishing trips.
The new Catechises of the Good Shepherd that we are doing on Fridays for the kids at church is amazing. It's tough because we are still working to convert it from the Catholic teaching and that's a lot of work and debate and struggle, but soooooo good. The kids LOVE it and wish it was every day.
One of our goats should have babies in mid April, right before Pascha.
I'm not ready for spring.
I really need to clean out my garage and organize. Maybe this vitamin D will help, I need a good surge of motivation for that room.

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