Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meger accomplishments

Today's accomplishments:

-getting 4 kids to do math
-wishing the 4-yr-old didn't want to do math but helping her some even though she's sick
-getting 4 kids to do chores
-figuring out and assigning punishment to oldest for very sneaky actions: chicken coop clean out duty
-made dinner on the cook stove
-did a minuscule ammt of work
-plan out a little boy's teensy b-day party, I'm so not a fan of b-day parties
-working on a quilt project promised to someone
-taking vitamin D since I can feel the un-motivation in full force again
-cleaning up water all over the floor in bathroom after the little girls had some fun

Nice day over all.

working on one of my "new" thrift store machines

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